List of CharactersEdit



Wave OneEdit

Carded SinglesEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Slam Batman™ Bbpk-battleslambatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Taser Batman™ Bbpk-taserbatman Batman (BB Taser figure) 2009
Hang Climber Batman™ Bbpk-hangclimberbatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Cyclone Spinner Red Tornado™ Bbpk-cyclonespinnerredtornado Red Tornado (BB figure) 2009
Sea Spear Aquaman™ Bbpk-seaspearaquaman Aquaman (BB basic figure) 2009
Skiff Ripper Black Manta™ Bbpk-skiffripperblackmanta Black Manta (BB basic figure) 2009
Super Saber Batman™ Bbpk-supersaberbatman Batman (BB Super Saber figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Blue Beetle™ VS Kanjar Ro™ Bbpk-bluebeetlevskanjarro Blue Beetle (BB 2-pack figure) and Kanjar Ro (BB basic figure) 2009

Carded Singles DELUXEEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Power Pack Batman™ Bbpk-powerpackbatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Bug Zapper Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-bugzapperbluebeetle Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2009
Power Prop Aquaman™ Bbpk-powerpropaquaman Aquaman (BB Power Prop figure) 2009

Boxed SetEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman™ VS Alien: Clash in the Cosmos Bbpk-batmanvsalien Batman (BB Clash in the Cosmos figure) and Alien (BB figure) 2009

Figure and Vehicle SetsEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Cyber Tank with Batman™ and Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-cybertank Batman (BB Cyber Tank figure), Blue Beetle (BB Cyber Tank figure) and Cyber Tank (BB vehicle) 2009
Blue Beetle™'s Bug Bbpk-bluebeetlesbug Blue Beetle (BB Bug figure) and Bug (BB vehicle) 2009
Batsub Blaster with Batman™ Bbpk-batsubblaster Batman (BB Batsub figure) and Batsub (BB vehicle) 2009

Wave TwoEdit

Carded SinglesEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Axe Batman™ Bbpk-battleaxebatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Battle Axe Batman™ (variant) Bbpk-battleaxebatmanvariant Batman (BB Battle Axe variant figure) 2009
Starblade Batman™ Bbpk-starbladebatman Batman (BB Starblade figure) 2009
Spin Shock Batman™ Bbpk-spinshockbatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Capture Net Batman™ Bbpk-capturenetbatman Batman (BB Capture Net figure) 2009
Capture Hand Plastic Man™ Bbpk-capturehandplasticman Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009
Crossbow Green Arrow™ Bbpk-crossbowgreenarrow Green Arrow (BB basic figure) 2009
Proton Smasher The Atom™ Bbpk-protonsmashtheatom The Atom (BB basic figure) 2009
Pop Gun The Joker™ Bbpk-popgunthejoker The Joker (BB basic figure) 2009
Long Bomb Sportsmaster™ Bbpk-longbombsportsmaster Sportsmaster (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman™ VS Despero™ Bbpk-batmanvsdespero Batman (BB indigo figure) and Despero (BB basic figure) 2009
Batman™ VS Black Manta™ Bbpk-batmanvsblackmanta Batman (BB Anti-Manta figure) and Black Manta (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Aqua Jet Batman™ Bbpk-aquajetbatman Batman (BB Aqua Jet figure) 2009
Exo-claw Batman™ Bbpk-exoclawbatman Batman (BB Exo-claw figure) 2009
Blade Force Plastic Man™ Bbpk-bladeforceplasticman Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2009

Boxed SetsEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Batman VS Gorilla Grodd™ Bbpk-batmanvsgorillagrodd Batman (BB Anti-Grodd figure) and Gorilla Grodd (BB basic figure) 2009


Title Image Contents Release Date
Transforming Batmobile™ Bbpk-transformingbatmobile Transforming Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2009
Batmobile™ Bbpk-batmobile Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2009

Wave ThreeEdit

Carded SinglesEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Bataraxe Batman™ Bbpk-bataraxebatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2009
Bladewhip Batman™ Bbpk-bladewhipbatman Batman (BB Bladewhip figure) 2009
Crusher Cuffs Batman™ Bbpk-crushercuffsbatman Batman (BB Crusher Cuffs figure) 2009
Gold Metal Men with Super Attack Starro™ Bbpk-goldmetalmenwithsuperattackstarro Gold (BB basic figure) and Starro (BB pack-in) 2009
Scuba Batman™ Bbpk-scubabatman Batman (BB Scuba figure) 2009
Ninja Batman™ Bbpk-ninjabatman Batman (BB Ninja figure) 2009
Medieval Batman™ Bbpk-medievalbatman Batman (BB Medieval figure) 2009
Battle Ready Batman™ Bbpk-battlereadybatman Batman (BB Battle Ready figure) 2009
Battle Saw Batman™ Bbpk-battlesawbatman Batman (BB Battle Saw figure) 2009
Turbo Zapper Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-turbozapperbluebeetle Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2009
Machete B'wana Beast™ Bbpk-machetebwanabeast B'wana Beast (BB basic figure) 2009
Zombie Hitman Solomon Grundy™ Bbpk-zombiehitmansolomongrundy Solomon Grundy (BB basic figure) 2009

Carded Singles DELUXEEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Sky Shot Batman™ Bbpk-skyshotbatman Batman (BB Green Lantern figure) 2009
Mechanical Claw Metal Men™ Bbpk-mechanicalclawmetalmen Iron (BB basic figure) 2009
Arrow Blast Green Arrow™ Bbpk-arrowblastgreenarrow Green Arrow (BB basic figure) 2009

Boxed SetsEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Stretch Attack Battle Pack Bbpk-stretchattackbattlepack Batman (BB Stretch Attack figure), Plastic Man (BB Stretch Attack figure), and Rubberneck (BB basic figure) 2010

Vehicle and Figure PacksEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Attack Sub with Batman™ Bbpk-attacksubwithbatman Batman (BB Attack Sub figure) and Attack Sub (BB vehicle) 2010
Skyforce Jet with Batman™ Bbpk-skyforcejetwithbatman Batman (BB Skyforce Jet figure) and Skyforce Jet (BB vehicle) 2010
Launch and Attack ATV with Batman™ Bbpk-launchandattackatvwithbatman Batman (BB ATV figure) and ATV (BB vehicle) 2010
Battle Cycle with Batman™ Bbpk-battlecyclewithbatman Batman (BB Battle Cycle figure) and Battle Cycle (BB vehicle) 2010
Batcopter with Batman™ Bbpk-batcopterwithbatman Batman (BB Batcopter figure) and Batcopter (BB vehicle) 2010
Rocket Blast with Firestorm™ Bbpk-rocketblastwithfirestorm Firestorm (BB basic figure) and Rocket Blast (BB vehicle) 2010


Title Image Contents Release Date
Transforming Batcycle™ Bbpk-transformingbatcycle Batman (BB Batcycle figure) and Transforming Batcycle (BB vehicle) 2010


Title Image Contents Release Date
Proto Bat Bot™ Bbpk-protobatbot Proto Bat Bot (BB basic figure) 2010

Total Armor (Final Wave)Edit


With a few exceptions, the Total Armor wave consists of new Batman figures with artillery as well as re-releases of a few basic figures and some redecoes. The newest wave introduces two all-new figures from The Brave and the Bold's fourth season- Superman and Metallo.

Single Carded FiguresEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Spine Shocker Batman™ Bbpk-spineshockerbatman Batman (BB Spine Shocker figure) 2011
Stealth Wing Batman™ Bbpk-stealthwingbatman Batman (BB Stealth Wing figure) 2011
Stealth Attack Claw Batman™ Bbpk-stealthattackclawbatman Batman (BB Stealth Attack Claw figure) 2011
Slashing Claw Batman™ Bbpk-slashingclawbatman Batman (BB Slashing Claw figure) 2011
Shock Suit Batman™ Bbpk-shocksuitbatman Batman (BB Shock Suit figure) 2011
Smashing Axe Batman™ Bbpk-smashingaxebatman Batman (BB Smashing Axe figure) 2011
Electro Shield Batman™ Bbpk-electroshieldbatman Batman (BB Electro Shield figure) 2011
Steel Power Superman™ Bbpk-steelpowersuperman Superman (BB Steel Power figure) 2011
Kickpuncher The Joker™ Bbpk-kickpuncherthejoker The Joker (BB Kickpuncher figure) 2011
Cyclone Shooter Red Tornado™ (Cyclone Spinner rerelease) Bbpk-cycloneshooterredtornado Red Tornado (BB basic figure) 2011
Trap Hand Plastic Man™ (Capture Hand rerelease) Bbpk-traphandplasticman Plastic Man (BB basic figure) 2011

Single Carded Figures DELUXEEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Jetpack Blast Batman™ Bbpk-jetpackblastbatman Batman (BB basic figure) 2011
Chainsaw Attack Batman™ Bbpk-chainsawattackbatman Batman (BB Chainsaw Attack figure) 2011
Aqua Attack Batman™ Bbpk-aquaattackbatman Batman (BB Aqua Attack figure) 2011
Spine Buster Batman™ Bbpk-spinebusterbatman Batman (BB Spine Buster figure) 2011
Total Destruction Batman™ Bbpk-totaldestructionbatman Batman (BB Total Destruction figure) 2011
Twin Turbo Blue Beetle™ Bbpk-twinturbobluebeetle Blue Beetle (BB basic figure) 2011
Sea Stingers Aquaman™ (Power Prop rerelease) Bbpk-seastingersaquaman Aquaman (BB Power Prop figure) 2011

Boxed Figure SetsEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Kryptonite Collision Battle Pack™ Bbpk-kryptonitecollisionbattlepack Batman (BB Kryptonite Collision figure), Superman (BB basic figure), and Metallo (BB basic figure) 2011

Figure and Vehicle SetsEdit

Title Image Contents Release Date
Stealth Blast Rocket with Batman™ Bbpk-stealthblastrocketandbatman Batman (BB Stealth Blast Rocket figure), Stealth Blast Rocket (BB vehicle) 2011
Ground Blaster Bat-Tank with Batman™ Bbpk-groundblasterbattankandbatman Batman (BB Ground Blaster Bat-Tank figure), Ground Blaster Bat-Tank (BB vehicle) 2011
Launch & Attack ATV with Batman™ Bbpk-launchandattackatvandbatman Batman (BB Launch & Attack ATV figure), Launch & Attack ATV (BB vehicle) 2011
Jungle Recon Batcopter with Batman™ Bbpk-junglereconbbatcopterwithbatman Batman (BB Jungle Recon Batcopter figure), Jungle Recon Batcopter (BB vehicle) 2011


Title Image Contents Release Date
Battle Armor Batmobile™ Bbpk-battlearmorbatmobile Battle Armor Batmobile (BB vehicle) 2011

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