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Bizarro (unreleased DCUC)
Figure (and number): none
Description: Bizarro
Basis: classic throwback
First Released [[]]
Buck/Body Type: basic
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type villain

Official BioEdit


Pictured at the back of the Dynamic Duo 2-pack

Other DetailsEdit

The cape featured on this test shot was reused from the Superman it was to be paired with. It is unclear if this was done by the factory employees who sold the test shot to make it more complete(because the actual cape tool wasn't ready or was cancelled), or if it was a factory mockup to convey to designers what the toy may look like with a retooled cape. It is doubtful that the actual 2-pack figure would have had this cape, but instead, a retooled version of his regular cape. The press pictures of the unreleased set featured Bizarro with the regular torn up cape from the first mold.

Further readingEdit

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