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Copperhead (DCUC wave 12)
Figure (and number): Wave 12 Figure 3
Description: Copperhead
Basis: classic design
First Released DCUC wave 12
Buck/Body Type: suit
Points of Articulation:
Character Type villain

Official BioEdit

Mysterious and menacing, the man known only as Copperhead first emerged in Gotham City, carrying out a series of incredible thefts. When confronted, his poison fangs and constrictor coils were enough to defeat most opponents. Copperhead increased his powers by striking a deal with the demonic Neron, becoming a truly monstrous man / snake hybrid. In this horrific new form, he took on more lethal assignments as a super-assassin. His ghastly power and inhuman abilities make him one of the world’s most frightening villains.

Other Details Edit

Size: 14cm
Accessories: none
, Includes: Darkseid's head and lower torso
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen



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