This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Cyclotron (DCUC wave 13)
Figure (and number): Wave 13 Figure 3
Description: Cyclotron
Basis: Super Powers version
First Released DCUC wave 13
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation: 23
Character Type hero

Official BioEdit

Superman programmed Cyclotron with complete knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of every hero and villain. Superman hoped that Cyclotron would become the ultimate tactician, able to anticipate the moves of villains based on their prior tendencies and recognize heroes unfamilar to League members. The android could disguise himself as human and, although he had limited physical abilities, he could rotate his torso and deliver a powerful "Twister Punch."

Other Details Edit

Size: 14cm
Accessories: face skin, chest skin
Includes: Super Powers figure stand, DC75 button pin
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen



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