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Elongated Man (JLU)
Alias: Elongated Man
Real Name: Ralph Dibny
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Justice League
First Appearance Initiation
Voice Actor: Jeremy Piven
Character Type: hero

Elongated Man is one of those leaguers who seem to need to work for respect or their own place in the league. His goofy exterior hides a man with a knack for detective work. His power allows him to extend his body or any part of it extreme distances.

Figures and ReleasesEdit

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Figure Image Description Release Accuracy
Elongated Man ver 1 Elongatedmanver1 basic figure JLU 3-pack, DCSH:JLU single show-based
Elongated Man ver 2 Elongatedmanver2 classic costume DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection comic-inspired

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