Under the Movie Masters banner, Green Lantern has a collection of toys with accurate likenesses to their movie counterparts. The figures were released concurrently with a 3-inch action figure line. It is of note that 'ring construct' accessories from the smaller toyline are also compatible withe the Movie Masters figures.

The banner Movie Masters was previously used for the 6-inch movie figure line The Dark Knight (Movie Masters).

Preview FigureEdit

For the second wave of DC Universe's GL-themed, fan-dubbed Green Lantern Classics, a single movie preview figure was included in the mix of comic book based figures.

Green Lantern Gh'u ChinaGL2-ghu

Wave OneEdit

Green Lantern Hal Jordan 90px
Green Lantern Rot Lop Fan 90px
Green Lantern Tomar-Re 90px
Green Lantern Naut Kei Loi 90px

Wave TwoEdit

Green Lantern Isamot Kol 90px
Green Lantern Sinestro 90px

Wave ThreeEdit

Guardian Krona 90px
Green Lantern Hal Jordan (unmasked) and Green Lantern Bzzd 90px + 90px

Wave FourEdit

Green Lantern Galius Zed 90px
Hector Hammond 90px


Green Lantern Green Man 90px
Green Lantern Kilowog 90px


Package Figures Sold through
Green Lantern Hal Jordan and Green Lantern Abin Sur 90px + 90px Toys 'R' Us
  • A two-pack rerelease of Wave One Hal Jordan and Tomar-Re was also released.

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