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This is a TOY page. Listed here is the information collected on this particular toy.
Hawkgirl ver 7
Figure (and number): Hawkgirl ver 7
Description: eclipsed
Basis: show-based
First Released 2009
Buck/Body Type: Hawkgirl 1
Points of Articulation: 5POA
Character Type hero, JL member

This figure is of Hawkgirl for the DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection.


Hawkgirl is seen here in her standard costume and look as seen in Justice League. The paint recalls the episode Eclipsed wherein she and other leaguers have shards of the dark heart embedded in themselves and attack The Flash.

Releases and AccessoriesEdit

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
N7222 "Justice League™ Eclipsed™" N7222 Green Lantern 1 ver 6
Hawkgirl ver 7
Superman 1 ver 10
The Flash 1 ver 5
Wonder Woman 1 ver 5
Eclipso ver 1

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