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Icon-boxIcon-boxIcon-box This is a TOYLINE page. It details what figures are available in what packages..
Justice League (first release)
Animated line
Based on: Justice League Unlimited (show)
Year Started: 2003
Year Ended: 2004
Production Order
Batman (Mattel Animated Line)
Justice League Unlimited (toyline-series)
Attack Armor
Mega Armor
Morph Gear
Mission Vision
Cyber Trakkers

This article covers all the figures released solely as 'Justice League' and not as part of any sublines.

Mattel's Justice League in its first incarnation was released with seven figures and two variants. Each figure came with a unique stand, which when put together spelled out 'Justice League'. This figure was characterized by a collectible feel because of the sculpts which were practically static and the stand gimmick which essentially was for display purposes. The waves that followed broke with the idea and began featuring large accessories for increased playability. Each figure works with most of the available vehicles, as well as the Watchtower playset.

The idea for the figures began as DC Direct sculpts by sculptor, Karen Palinko, which were later handed over to Mattel. They were then released under the Justice League line. They all sported nearly the same look as the original sculpts. Later on newer sculpts were made for all the heroes (except Hawkgirl) to add articulation and accommodate large accessories. Aquaman was later added, making the total number of heroes eight. Three villains were also produced, Lex Luthor, the Ultra-Humanite and Darkseid.

Original ReleasesEdit


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
B4538 Superman™ B4538 Superman 1 ver 1 with
B4537 Batman™ B4537 Batman 1 ver 1 with
B4452 Wonder Woman™ B4452 Wonder Woman 1 ver 1 with
B4450 Green Lantern™ B4450 Green Lantern 1 ver 1 with
B4539 The Flash™ B4539 The Flash 1 ver 1 with
B4541 Martian Manhunter™ B4541 Martian Manhunter 1 ver 1 with
B5029 Hawkgirl™ B5029 Hawkgirl 1 ver 1 with
B7496 Superman™ B7496 Superman 1 ver 2 with
B7495 Batman™ B7495 Batman 1 ver 2 with

Silver StormEdit

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
G4484 Superman™ G4484a
Superman 2 ver 4 OR Superman 2 ver 5 with
armor, blaster (redeco of Assault Armor version)
C3768 Hawkgirl™ C3768 Hawkgirl ver 2 with
wing guards, shield, missiles, armor, base


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
O3857 Superman™ VS Assault Armor Lex Luthor™ O3857 Superman 1 ver 6 and Lex Luthor 1 ver 1 2003
O3856 Night Flight- Batman™ and Superman™ O3856 Batman 1 ver 6 and Superman 1 ver 2 2003


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
G6335 Rise of Apokolips 4-pack G6335 Darkseid ver 3,
Wonder Woman 2 ver 3,
Superman 2 ver 8,
Green Lantern 2 ver 4
G6336 Journey to Atlantis 4-pack G6336 Aquaman 1 ver 1,
The Flash 2 ver 5,
Superman 2 ver 9,
Green Lantern 2 ver 5


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
O3861 Power Escape Superman™ O3861 Superman 1 ver 4 2003
O3860 Crime Bust Batman™ O3860 Batman 1 ver 4 2003
C3033 Twin Talon Superman™ C3033 Superman 2 ver 7 2004
C3032 Twin Turbo The Flash™ C3032 The Flash 2 ver 4 2004

Rotocast 10" FiguresEdit

Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
B4951 Superman™ B4951a Superman (JLU rotocast) 2003
B4950 Batman™ B4950a Batman (JLU rotocast) 2003
B9892 Wonder Woman™ B9892a Wonder Woman (JLU rotocast) 2003
B4953 The Flash™ B4953a The Flash (JLU rotocast) 2003
B4952 Green Lantern™ B4952a Green Lantern (JLU rotocast) 2003
H0071 Hawkgirl™ H0071a Hawkgirl (JLU rotocast) 2003
C0799 Martian Manhunter™ C0799 Martian Manhunter (JLU rotocast) 2003
C0800 Aquaman™ C0800a Aquaman (JLU rotocast) 2003
SKU Needed Superman™ and The Flash™ Rotocast-supermanflash 2003
SKU Needed Batman™ and Green Lantern™ Rotocast-batmangl 2003


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
G9656 Batplane™ Batplane(jlu) Batplane 1 ver 5 2003
B4943 Javelin 7™ B4943 Javelin 7 with
Superman 1 ver 1


Pack Number Title Image Contents Release Date
B9910 Watchtower™ B9910 Watchtower (JLU) 2003

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