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Kyle RaynerKyle Rayner (JLU)
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Kyle Rayner (JLU)
Alias: Green Lantern of Sector 2814
Real Name: Kyle Rayner
Place of Origin: Earth
Affiliation: Green Lantern Corps
First Appearance In Brightest Day
Voice Actor: .
Character Type: hero

With the death of Abin Sur, his Green Lantern ring found a replacement in young artist Kyle Rayner. This put him in the crosshairs of Sinestro. However, with Superman's help, Sinestro was defeated. John Stewart eventually sent him to Katma Tui for training.

Kyle was eager to return to Earth to allow John Stewart a leave, but he was turned down by the Guardians. However, the invasion of Amazo of Oa, then Earth, allowed Kyle to set foot on his home planet once again.

Figure Image Description Release Basis
Kyle Rayner ver 1 Kyleraynerver1 brown hair, custom GL suit DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited 3-pack show-based
Kyle Rayner ver 2 Kyleraynerver2 red hair, custom GL suit DC Superheroes:Justice League Unlimited 3-pack show-based


  • Kyle Rayner was the first ever Green Lantern to appear in the DC Animated Universe. However, it was stated that John Stewart came before him in terms of continuity.
  • Kyle's assumption that he can take John's place in the league was given precedent in Justice League: Crisis On Two Earths where Hal Jordan took the place of an injured, ring-less John Stewart.

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