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Man-Bat (DCUC wave 10)
Figure (and number): Wave 10 Figure 5
Description: Man-Bat
Basis: brown version
First Released DCUC wave 10
Buck/Body Type: unique
Points of Articulation:
Character Type anti-hero

Official BioEdit

Dr. Robert Kirk Langstrom hoped to cure his growing deafness by creating a serum that would give him a bat’s ability of echolocation. However, the serum robbed him of his intellect and transformed him into a man-sized bat, resulting in a crazed rampage through Gotham City. Langstrom retooled his formula, allowing him to retain his intelligence and is an occasional ally of DC Universe.

Other Details Edit

Size: 14cm
Accessories: none
Includes: Imperiex's left arm
Sculpted by: The Four Horsemen



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