This is a PACKAGE page. It details what toys, figures or accessories are included in the particular package.
Package Title: Batman™ *Includes Wonder Pig™!
Package Type: single
Sold As: Target exclusive
Toyline DC Universe Justice League Unlimited Fan Collection
Series: Series 8
Wave Wave 2 (reboot)
Figures: Batman 1 ver 9
Accessories/Add-ons: Wonder Pig (JLU)
First Released: 2008
Re-released: TBA

"Wonder Woman is transformed by the magic of Circe into a pig, and Batman asks Zatanna to change her back. Unfortunately, the "Wonder Pig" runs away before the spell is complete. Now Batman must track her down before it is too late!"

The Batman that was released in the previous wave exclusively to the Secret Society pack begins his run as a staple figure. Included here is a pack-in figure of Wonder Pig. The packaging features a starburst that highlights the unique inclusion.

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