Mattel produced a wave of figures inspired by the direct-to-video Superman/Batman: Public Enemies, using slightly altered buck bodies with newly sculpted and animation-influenced heads. This series was released in two different waves. The first wave includes Batman (Black and Gray), Superman (Classic), Silver Banshee, and Icicle. The second wave includes Batman (Blue and Gray), Superman (Metallic), Major Force, and Black Lightning. The Collect and Connect figure for this wave is Brimstone.


Collect and Connect Figures Piece

Batman in black, or in blue Pe-batman/Pe-batman(variant) lower torso
Black Lightning Pe-blacklightning left arm
Icicle Pe-icicle left leg
Major Force Pe-majorforce head/upper torso
Silver Banshee Pe-silverbanshee right leg
Superman or metallic variant Pe-superman/Pe-superman(variant) left arm

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